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My Bear!

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Here is there bear I got this year. I originally posted this in Pow Wow.  My first one after 10 years of trying.  It was a 6 yard shot and a 40 yard recovery trail.  I watched him for a week before the season opened then I got him opening day after having him within 40 yards of me for 30 minutes before I got the oppurtunity for the shot I wanted.

Nice goin Joseph.
Don't know if I'd want to tangle with one of those with a bow or not. From a tree maybe, from the ground - nah, would probably stick him, piss him off and he'd kick my butt around the timber!

Joseph, Man I just love that pic!

Timo, thanks.  That is one nice thing about digital cameras, you can review your work and make the appropriate changes to get a good picture.
Roger, every blackbear I have ever seen which isn't a huge amount have gone out of their way to avoid people and run off faster than deer will.  Joseph

The undertaker couldn't wipe the smile off his face  :bigsmyl:  

Congratulations, nice picture, I might add  :thumbsup:


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