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My Dad and I pull off an opening day Double!!!!! Story and Pics. added!!!

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As some of you guys might know,I have been watching a group of turkeys for 2 weeks now.Every morning!!!! Well things couldn't have gone any better.I killed my bird first with my bow,then within minutes my Dad killed his first turkey with a shotgun.This was his first time out..EVER!!!!
I will have the full story and pics. later on today.Right now...I need a nap  

Congratulations to you and your Dad! What a wonderful memory to have.

 We are not worthy

Shawn Leonard:
Very cool!! I was into birds, just nothing close!! Shawn

Congratulations to you and your Dad.The memory will live for ever.

Awesome Curt.  That's something I'm sure both of you will never forget.

Our season starts Monday, I'm itching to go.



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