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My Fl. Hunt - Hog and armadillos

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Finally getting around to getting these posted here.The hog was taken at 17yds.(spine shot) from a treestand.I was using my old reliable 56",63# Kwyk Styk, home made taper cedar arrows and 160gr. Snuffers.All that saw the hog agreed it was over 400lbs.



two of these armadillos were taken with a judo pt.,and the other was taken with a Snuffer.All traveled less than 15yds.




Ahhhhh, Sweet victory!!!! Way to go Bro! CK

Curt, you da MAN! ...hogs was made for bowhunters huh!...  :D    :thumbsup:  marco#78...LOve that little recurve , "who makes that one"?

That is good for a meal or two.  The hog ain't too bad either. LOL

Man, what a porker!!!

I can't figure out why you needed the binoculars for that hog?  :knothead:    :bigsmyl:


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