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Ryan Rothhaar ground buzzard try 2

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Ryan Rothhaar:
HEY!!! Guess the post finally worked.

This is the Ground Buzzard I shot one afternoon last week.  60 lb Widow, big Snuffer.

Ryan Rothhaar:

Very nice bird!   :thumbsup:

P Bruch:
Awesome gobbler Ryan ! Congratulations, I was just curious how the snuffer worked on that bird . Other than killing it ! Did it pass through ? Did it stay in the bird ? Or did it just blow through and the bird ran off to expire a distance away  ? That type of stuff.. Thanks, Paul

Ryan Rothhaar:
Arrow took the bird between the wing and tail, he was heading away with his head down.  Entered above the point of the keelbone and ranged forward, taking the bottom of the chest (missed the heart) and exited through the neck half way between the body and wattles, cutting all the big plumbing in the neck.  The arrow stayed in with about 6 inches protruding from the front.  The bird ran into the woods, GOT AIRBORNE, and flew for a few seconds.  Followed the string tracker to the bird, he went maybe 400 yards in 8-10 seconds from when the arrow hit him.  BTW, 3 of the 5 turks I have killed with my bow have flown off, in all cases with the arrow still in.  I consider a string tracker as mandatory for turkey hunting.  



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