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My first trad kill


Brute killer:
I registered on Tradgang August 02, 2003. Some time in October (or mebbe September) I saw a post in the "Trading Blanket" forum of a Martin X-200 for sale. I responded to the thread enthusiastically and soon I was making a deal for my first hunting weight recurve. I got the bow and with the help of OL's site and fellow Tradgangers, I got some arrows tuned up for it. On the advice of Charlie Lamb and Lance Coleman I made my broadhead selection. Wensel Woodsmans. All of this came to fruition on March 21st, around 11:30 am. I bagged my first animal with a traditional bow. Thanks, everyone, I couldn't have done it without you.     :thumbsup:    
The bow is 55@30 shooting Beman camo 500's 525 grains including the 167 gr Woodsman that has a 42 gr aluminum insert. 5" para Gateway feathers over vinyl crest wraps. The hunt was in S. Texas about 30 mi South of San Antonio. Just North of Pleasanton.  Story, with more pics

Way to Go! Congrats on your first! Nice Hog. Looks like you made a good shot. Should be some good eatin there.  :thumbsup:


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