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2023 MTAR

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tod becker:
This years MTAR will be hosted by Jeremy and Eddie. It will be just west of Brainerd on Aug. 18-20.
This year we will be doing a short 3d course(bring one if you have one handy) arial targets, atl atl, speed round, skunk pin, sling shot shoot, hatchet throw, carp shooting....

Joe Jewett:
Good news! :shaka:

You can out my clan down for preparing the Friday evening meal.

Got it marked on the calendar.  Not sure if I'll make it on Friday yet, most likely I will, but will not know for another week or two.

Joe, are you bringing that trailered grill/smoker with you?

I'm going to try to make it for part of this at least this year. I think it's been since 2019 that I made it to one of these and it was only for 1 day. That is very SAD! Well I better go knock the dust of my bows now😉.

Monty and I will be there!! We can do evening meal on Saturday.


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