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I'm interested in horsebows, particularly Spitfire bows. Does anyone have one or shot one? If so, please tell me which model and what you thought of it.

What poundage / draw weight combination did you shoot? What type of arrow? How was the performance? Did you use a thumbring or traditional fingers? Have you ever hunted with one?

If I were to buy one, I'd like to use it for hunting game from rabbits to mule deer.

Pete W:
I reviewed a spitfire on my site in the trad review section at
 These are a very diferent style of bow to learn to shoot, but they are also a very impressive little bow.

Thanks for the link Pete. I think I've read your review several times now.  ;)
Do you still have / shoot this bow? Have you ever hunted with it?


No one else has shot these bows?!    :eek:

I have two Spitfire bows, and my nephew has one.  My 15yr old son and nephew are shooting a Hunnic bow, and I'm shooting a Sassanian style bow.  My son's bow is approx 35lbs(fastest 35lb bow I've ever seen), mine is approx 43lbs, and my nephew's bow is approx 55lbs.  We shoot light carbon arrows, and we all use a thumbring.

What do I think of these bows?  If I could, I would have 10 bows hanging on my wall.  I absolutely love them.  The performance is amazing.  You can shoot them with a thumbring or fingers.  The thumbring is a superior release for moving game.  It is a very quick release.  You actually get better performance from the bow when using a thumbring.  But believe me, they perform with either release method.  

This will be my first year hunting with the bow.  I can't wait!  

Shoot Chris (owner of Spitfire Horsebows) an e-mail.  He's a great guy.  He's been shooting horsebows for over 50yrs.  If you do contact him, make some room upstairs in the "noodle" for an education because you're going to get one.  He's an educated man, and he's proud of his heritage.  You'll see:)


Thanks for the info, Bill!

I'll send Chris an email. I read his website which is very informative. Lots of interesting stuff.

Make sure you update me on how the hunt goes!


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