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If you have never used this knot for climbing into and out of your tree one should,great for safety allows you to remain attached to a safety line at all times depending on the length of rope.Once in the tree stand no need to unhook it will now be your safety line while in your stand.
With the unique knot one can slide the knot up and down the rope while climbing and still remain fasted to a safety line if one falls the knot simply tightens and holds one fast preventing a serious injury. I have used this with a simple belt or harness depending on the tree

Barry Wensel:
I absolutely agree. If all hunters used it treestand safety would increase 100%. The knot is very simple to show someone how to make but hard to explain. Teaching it should be mandatory in all hunters education classes. We all need to learn it, use it everytime you climb and show everyone you know how to tie it. Mr Prussic should receive the Congressional Metal of Honor for inventing that one. BW

Here's a site that explains the knot pretty well.

That site does have a good demo of it Dano.

"prussik" is a great knot, I work as a tree climbing arborist and I use one called the "Blake's Hitch", alot easier to tie and it holds even better. Works on the same principle.


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