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Taper Lam Sleds

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Crooked Stic:
For you guys who do your own tapered lams I would like to see some pics of your sleds. I have a new Grizzly Drum sander and want to get set up to do tapers.

Wild Russian:
Me too.... :)

Crooked Stic:

Ric Anderson:
I can probably post a picture but it would be hard to see the taper.  My sleds are 40" long and are machined out of aircraft aluminum that is approx. 5/8" thick.

I have a  8"X40" board with my taper sanded in. I took an old sanding belt and glued/stapled it to the board. I just lay my lams ontop of the sanding belt and it holds fine. I do not have any pics though.


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