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Fred Bear Polar

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Rob DiStefano:
Serial Number 27A45

Could be either a 1962 or 1967 ... ?

Larry m:
Black coin is pretty much the giveaway..........
That and everything else on the bow. 1962 

Rob DiStefano:
Thanx for your posts and confirming it's a '62.

I spun a B50 polyester string for it, put in a Velcro loop rest and teflon strike plate, and she shoots purty good with 5/16" woodies.

I'm gonna clean it up a bit, mostly the pretty zebrawood, and leave the glass alone with it's UV rayed ivory patina. mostly to retain the decals.

Larry m:
This looks like it will clean up fairly nice with some ageing patina to it. I usually clean up bows like this with a light rubbing of Ajax and then polish them out with furniture polish. (everybody has there own method but this works well for me) 66" and light #'s matched up with some light woodies makes a fun shooting setup...........

Well, if you get tired of it let me know. 😬


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