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A question on this Eatmon bow.


I'm new here and this is my first post. I got this bow a few years ago at a police property room auction. It looked to be in good shape and I took a chance on it. Turned out that this is perhaps the sweetest shooting recurve I have ever used. You can see that it was apparently custom made by Del Eatmon for someone, that someone having their name scratched out. I assumed this bow was probably stolen and the new "owner" did the scratching. What very little I can find on Del Eatmon seems to indicate that he was known to make nice bows but maybe not a prolific builder. Anyone out there have anymore info. they know on this beautiful bow with the beefy riser? Thanks

Never Heard of him but it looks like a great beautiful bow.  There are many small bowyers that made some great quality bows, if not in great quantity.  If it shoots as well as you say,  ya got yourself a winner.

Lucas K:
Del was a very successful target archer who made bows (only a 66" model)in the late 90's to the early 2000s. I think Ric Anderson may have had his forms for a while but I am not sure what happened to them after that.

Thanks for the info. Lucas. I found that Del had a son, Dave, that was a record setting archer. I'm trying to find some information on him because, sadly, I need to sell that bow due to a shoulder injury that just hasn't healed well enough through the years to deal with a 50# bow. I'd like to provide the buyer with some history on this apparently rare but great shooting bow.

Del was from Washington State and has long since passed. Not sure about Dave .... you might try a post on the Washington Bowhunters in the state forums for more info. Also you might try contacting Suzanne St Charles at NW Archery


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