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First pig with my big longbow

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Hi all,

I got this longbow in May 2021 but only managed to kill something with it over the weekend. Tough hunting combined with me being lazy are to blame.  :biglaugh:

Anyhow, I was out walking some scrub with a mate of mine and we came across a couple of pigs. They made for an easy stalk and I shot this sow from about 16 metres. She's about to go in my freezer and I'm stoked to get it done with this bow, finally. It's the first ever bow I had custom-made brand new for me and it's also built in Australia so it's special to me.

Bow details:
Norseman Chieftain.
66in long.
65# @ 26.5in.
Antler tip overlays.
Brazilian bloodwood riser.
Black glass.
Fallow deer antler tips.

I used an arrow weighing about 580gns (I'd rather shoot heavier but it's what I had) with a 200gn Tusker Aztec broadhead.

Sam McMichael:
Congratulations! It seems you had a very good hunt with a very nice bow.

Cheers mate!

I missed another pig with the same bow the weekend just gone. They can't me in an awkward position.

Things are really gearing up for the fallow rut now. I might set the ASL down and take my recurve.

Nice work bud. Congrats....

Thanks for having a look, bloke.


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