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Attaching and Inserting Images into your post


Rob DiStefano:
open this video up full screen, to better see the typing and cursor movements ...

My images are coming in sideways, and I notice that some other people's photos are coming in sideways as well.  I seem to remember that there used to be a way to edit the photos so they weren't sideways, but I can't find that anymore.  I tried rotating the original image sideways on my iPad, hoping that two wrongs might make an upright, but that didn't change the sideways orientation on Tradgang.

Rob DiStefano:
Quite some time back I had installed the "auto image rotation" mod that worked for awhile and then began creating problems with our overall forum software.  I just tested it out again by re-installing it and it shut down the viewing of all threads, so .....  :dunno:  sorry.

If your images load sideways or upside down, go back into your device photos and edit the image slightly. Edit contrast or one of those just slightly. Then go back to  upload  image at  Tradgang. Works for me.


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