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Hog Shot Placement & Shield Clip - NEW PIC ON Page 5

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Terry Green:
Thanks to Tom Mussatto for compressing this clip for easy download.

I'd also like to add that I center punched the shoulder MUCLE...not the shoulder bone.  The lungs were behind the shield where I hit and not bone.  This shows just how far forward you can shoot a hog and go straight to the vitals boneless....if you got enough bow or the right broadhead to get through the shield.


Here's a pic of the shield and you can plainly see it and all its battle scars from taking jabs from other boar's tusks...



Not all hogs have shields this thick(2 inches), but they are noticeable when they get this big, so this might be good to know before you shoot if you see some saddle bags hanging off of one.  Turn your volume up....


This is another hog I shot with Ray Hammond a couple of years ago...

This might be a great opportunity to show some shot placement photos.  Ray and I discussed this on the way back, and by showing these pics someone may save themselves some grief.  It shows just how forward you can shoot a hog because of the front end bone structure.

Remember, this 300#er only ran 30 yards, and this shot did get both lungs and the heart......Note the forward exit wound and this was from a 60# longbow and a Zwickey Delta 4 blade.


This pic reveals that 'Bride of Horse Tail' was slightly quartering away. It also shows how far forward it exited without hitting any bone. This picture however is deceiving on how low on the body the shot placement was.


This pic shows the true elevation on the body...and makes the shot 'low and tight'.


Here is the exit wound from a Delta 4 blade.  You can see how far forward the exit was and no bone was contacted.


Results of the Shot....(Thanks to Ray Hammond for pulling this out of the gut bucket for me, I was too busy trying to get 3 hogs skint and quartered up that day)


Ray Hammond:
nice job, Terry!!! Great shooting, as usual.


dang thats nuts, what bw setup did u use to take it terry?

Great info. You always hear about the shoulder armor on hogs but until you see it, it is hard to understand just how thick they are.

Thanks Terry,
I didn't know that shield was that hard!  I guess I better step it up if I want to get through that on a big hog.


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