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venison "minute steak"


I miss my fishing buddy who passed away last November after several years fighting a rare and debilitating disease.  When it was his turn to do the cooking his specialty was venison ham "shaved" very thin like minute steak and fried up for a few minutes with sliced onions and bell pepper.  He had "connections" at the local mom and pop store who probably weren't supposed to process his wild game, but I'm sure everything got properly sanitized. I'd have been more concerned about all the residual steroids and antibiotics from the beef and pork, lol.  Those commercial slicers that do this aren't cheap and I've yet to find a game processor that preps it this way...anybody else like venison "minute steak"?

A good portion of my venison goes into minute steaks! I don't have a commercial slicer, but the lower end model that I have works good enough for me.

I've been in the Food industry my whole life and whenever I need equipment I'd check the the used equipment guys. There are people in every area that buy out all the equipment from grocery stores and restaurants that have closed. You can find industrial slicers for a few hundred dollars at these places. It's worth a Google to see what's around you.

Al Dente:
Ditto on what chefrvitale said.  You'd be surprised at how cheap you can get high quality, commercial grade restaurant equipment.  Also, check restaurant supply houses, they often times run closeout sales, or can offer you a lead in finding what you need.
What I have learned from others is that, when you "cheap-out" you get what you pay for.  Spend a little extra and get something that will last and last, negating the initial cost several times over.


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