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Imported Black Hunter Longbows/Recurves

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Anybody have any real world experience with these bows? Smooth of draw, speed, quietness, overall performance, etc?

I have a 60lb longbow.  I liked it the few shots I've taken.  Relatively quiet and shock free.  I expect it to be even better when I get the new arrows and a quality string for it.  The palm swell is a bit big for me and I will work on sanding it down to get a more pleasing grip.  The "calf hair" shelf plate adhesive is a joke so be prepared to use something else. 

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I have a 45lb longbow that I really enjoy.  It was loud to start but I was getting it all set up.  I changed the string and put on some beaver balls and it quieted right down. Grip fits me good, I have medium sized, kind of pudgy hands.  I didn't use the rest that came with it as I put a Bear Hair rest on it from the start.  My other bow was a Sage so I am comparing two inexpensive models.  For the price I would recommend it for sure.  Only shot it for targets but I will be carrying it when I go out hunting this fall.

Bill Leeming:
Have a 40# takedown LB and really like it. Shoots great.

I have 40# longbow and love it.. Riser pads, cat whiskers and it's pretty quiet shooting 10 to 13 gpp. I've had alot of top end customs and I shoot this one just as good as any. Grips are very important to me and this one is superb in my opinion,  I have medium sized hands and I couldn't be happier.. :shaka:


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