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I was wondering how many of you had the chance to bow hunt while serving.  I was fortunate enough to spend nearly four years in Great Falls, MT and I lived the dream of hunting out west while there.  I took bull elk, mulies, whitetails and black bear all with my recurve during that time.  It was a blessing to serve and a blessing to have those types of opportunities as a hunter.

I was stationed at Ft. Wolters, Texas after VN (best job I ever had, flight instructor). Did a good bit of hunting out near Breckenridge, Tx, and then found the love of my life whose father had some prime deer country near Stephenville. I missed a few deer with my Bear recurve, but some rabbits and armadillos caught hell.

For some dumb reason while stationed at Ft. Sill I never hunted there. I was an OK citizen, reservist, mobilized inside the state yet would travel 200 miles back to McAlester to hunt. (Lived in the Mac for 10yrs & never had a trad bow to apply there also.)

But as a DoD CIV I hunted deer & elk on post. Many guys don't like Ft. Sill but it can be a blast for the sportsman. Tons of small lakes & ponds, lots of hunting opportunities including deer, unlimited pig, elk, small game, ducks & even pheasant!

Bear Heart:
I hunted Fort Lewis, WA and Fort Stewart, GA

Jack Denbow:
I hunted all over Alaska's ABC islands carrying nothing more than a '62 Kodiak and cedar arrows. I look back at the things I did and realize I must have had a guardian angel sitting on my shoulder to keep me from being brown bear poop.


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