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OK Guys....Here's the reasons for the forum..

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Terry Green:
First off I want to thank you all for your service.  I try to thank every uniformed man or woman I see.  We would not be here if it weren't for you guys....too bad a lot of folks don't realise that.

One, so you all could have your own place.  Ya'll all have a connection is some way or another. So, I thought it would be great for all the Veterans on TradGang to have their own little 'satellite fire'.

Two, I figured ya'll might want to hook up on some hunts, hunt swaps, or group hunts.

Three, I though someone or a few of you might be able to help me ramrod something else I've been wanting to do for a while, actually two, but one I think I can handle.

The one I would like help getting started is finding the right person to receive a Track Chair.  If there actually is a TradBowhunter that served that needs one, and how to go about getting it to THAT individual, and even FINDING that individual...if we could get one for a disabled trad bowhunter that would be great.  

I'm pretty sure we can raise the funds on TradGang to make that happen, to purchase a Track Chair, and have it customized if need be for hunting.

I just would not have a clue where to start or how to go about, if anyone here has any knowledge about that then it would be great.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again guys.....     :campfire:

1/4 away:
Terry, There is a volunteer organization out of Florida called The Indepenence Fund that helps severely injured vets. I know that they have donated track chairs to wounded vets in the past. According to their website, The Indy Fund is simply a vessel which brings the love and support of countless Americans directly to our HEROES who need it most. Whether through monetary donations or new initiatives, we will make sure it reaches the Veterans!
Maybe they can help with finding a tradbowhunting vet in need of a chair.

S.C. Hunter:
Terry, that is a very touching and wonderful idea. I do things with wounded warrior and another organization Troops I know one of the founders can do some checking maybe he can help locate a wounded warrior who happens to be a trad bowhunter if not maybe help in getting a track chair possibly. Most of the focus with this organization is for our men and women currently in harms way.  Thank you again Terry!

Bear Heart:
Watching this. When this thing starts rolling you are gonna see what a band of brothers we are.

Jerry Jeffer:
I salute you.


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