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Late Season Doe

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Joe D:

This was a good sign.

Of course my daughter Ava loves to go out on a recovery! Ssssshhhhhh she's been practicing with the Xbow for next weekend. At 9 she's not big enough to hunt deer with trad equipment, soon enough though.

Entrance (Sorry about all the blood, that Ace broadhead made a mess of her)        :D        


Nothing better than late season bowhunting!

You didn't need that dust mop to find that doe,you murderd that thing, great job.

Congrats Great way to start off the new year!

Nice doe and nice shot joe.Thats a cool tracking dog too.Where in bucks county are you,i'm just outside perkasie.

Joe D:
That's not a tracking dog....that's my daughter's "Fluffy Dog", a.k.a. Millie. She was out walking her dog while I was looking for the deer.  :saywhat:


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