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A (long) Weekend at Marty's

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For the full story and a whole bunch of pix, check this out...;f=1;t=082707  

 All three were taken with "Timex", my Jack Kempf made 56" Kwyk Styk 'curve. CX Terminator arrows tipped with 160 VPA Terminator non-vented glue-on's mounted on 125gr. steel adapters.

This one from a Ladder stand at about 12yds....New Years Eve, morning....

A bigger boar taken at about 14yds from a different ladder stand...New Years day, evening...

I was thrilled to be able to take this one at about 8yds. on the ground...Jan. 2nd...

Awesome pics Curt! Congrats!

Ragnarok Forge:
Looks like a sweet trip.  Lots of bacon on the ground.

Chris Surtees:
Very nice...enjoy the story as well.

The 4 picture shot sequence on that last piece of PORK sure is fun!

Thank you for sharin'!

Shoot straight, Shinken


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