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Doug Campbell:
The bow started out as a stave gifted to me by my buddy Manny Padroni in HI a couple years ago. I think it was probably wishing for HI yesterday evening, it was -3ยบ when we got back to the truck  ;)  Now I'm a little better at swinging a big hammer at hot steel than peeling thin little curls of wood off a delicate longbow but with patience and advice from friends I finally got a bow whittled out of the stave. There were a couple of defects in the back so I was pretty conservative and she wound up 65" knk and 45#@27". I was not real satified with the way any of my wood arrows flew so I tried, (you purist may not want to read this) one of my AD carbon arrows with a bunch of weight up front, (total 700ish grains) it flew fantastic and hit like a ton of bricks considering.

I was hunting a late season doe only hunt with friends Walt Francis, Dave Johnson and Hunter Rung, (hope I spelled that right Hunter), at one of Walt's hot spots. Thanks again Walt! Dave and I were only 40 yards or so apart and when I shot my doe three or four others ran straight to his tree and he was able to make it a double by sending an arrow thru the lungs of a second one. The two does traveled 40 or 50 yards and died not 10 yards apart. How cool is that!! Dave was shooting his Widow longbow, maybe he'll chime in here and fill in the specs.

Guava selfbow, AD Trad shaft, 160 Griz up front, the 20 yard shot stopped in the opposite shoulder ruining the heart on the way thru.

Very Nice! Snow Does...LOL

Yeah, that's definately cool circumstances getting two does like that. Congrats to you two.

Good Lord that looks COLD!!  Awesome double.  You fellas are some kinda tough.  No hats and all.  Maybe you just took them off for the photo op.


Chris Surtees:
Congrats again Doug!


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