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Tom Mussatto:
Ben Pearson Jr. has shared some video of his Dad doing some shooting on moving targets.

  Ben Pearson wing shooting

Incredible   :wavey:      ;)   ...Van

Jim M:
fantastic! bout time Ben was put here. He was truly a master archer and one of legends of our sport

Ray Hammond:
Great shooting, there. I agree Van...my all time favorite archer.

My dad reminded me of my first bow he gave me when I was young..honestly, I didn't even remember getting it until he reminded me- because it was too much bow for me at the age I was..and it went in the attic and was forgotten.

My dad knew nothing about bows and I didn't either..but I had seen a short film at the movies of HH I think, and it got me all fired up so he went out and got that bow. Think the sales guy must have picked it out fitting my dad instead of me!

It was a Ben Pearson(looked like lemonwood)selfbow, came in a wooden box, with 6 of those knitting needle forgewood target arrows, an armguard and finger stalls.

I'm really surprised we don't hear more about Ben.  He was an excellent shot.  I've had the pleasure of speaking to his wife and daughter at our Ben Pearson Memorial Shoot in July.  His wife loves to tells stories about Ben & Howard.


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