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Moonlight Madness


I shot this big fella while hunting the full moon at night.

Here is the story cut and pasted:(The story) The hogs have been kicking my butt lately. The extreem pressure me and Charlie Lamb put on them a couple of weeks ago really educated them. They seem to be busting me every hunt.
Well, I educated them again by moving to a new location.

The moon was fantastic last night. I could easily see 100 yards like it was day time. I've been hunting one particular hog that leaves tracks as big as a coffee cup. I shot at him one night while Charlie was here but my bow contacted a tree limb upon release and I missed. Well, The Big Bruiser was romancing the ladies as he passed me at 10:40 pm. last night with no front feet on the ground. He was doing some serious breeding!!!! This white Bruiser I killed would rush him and fight for a minute then the big fella would knock him on his butt. The big one has 6" over this hog and probably another 75-100#.

Finally, without any notice the big sow exited with Big Boy in tow. This was a critical juncture. I decide without thought to capitalize on the moment and as soon as Mr Whitey turns I put a Griz 190 through both lungs and heart. He was down in 100 yards. He wasn't the one I wanted but he's a fine trophy anyway.

Specs: Thunderstick 2, 60", 51#@26". Arrow Dynamics Carbon tipped with a Grizzly 190 and a 40 gr insert. Hogs weight? I'll leave that to your imagination. Curtis


Great pig and well done. You gotta be happy with this one.


That looks like a BIG PIG to me,,Congrats!

Now that's a hawg! Good job!

Terry Green:
Nice Job Curtis!


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