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Bear takedown hunter


I bought a bear takedown hunter from ebay,when it got to my house it didn`t have the latches to fasten the limbs on, instead it had limb bolts like most other brands of takedowns.I`ve never seen one with bolt on limbs,is it rare or less valuable.I paid 250.00 for it did I get a good deal, and can I find antler knobs for it like others I`ve seen people make?

Dan Worden:
Takedown Hunters are economy version Bear T/D's. You have to watch for that on ebay.

I would think antler knobs could be found.

Old thread but I'll weight in anyway. The Bear Hunter TD was made from 1988 to 2001 at the Bear factory in Gainesville Florida. They are Bear Archery's economical takedown bow. They are good shooting bows. I own two of them. I did spruce my two up a little. I had one completely camo dipped and the other I had the limbs camo dipped. I put antler limb bolts on both of them.


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