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My favorite baste


Here's a quick and easy receipe for a baste I use when broiling or grilling venison.

Start with the cheapest BBQ sauce you can afford or one that suites your taste buds. My favorite's are John Boy and Billy's Grillin' Sauce, KC Style BBQ Sauce or the cheapest generic one on the shelf. Pour a fair amount into a ceramic mixing bowl. To this I add a large glob of mayonnaise, an equally large glob of mustard (exact measurements are important here)and another equally large glob of honey. Using a wire wisk, whip the mixture until it's smooth and you're done.
I like to apply this to ribs or flank meat (taken from along the belly of a deer). After I place the frozen meat on our small broiler I give it a chance to just begin to brown before using a basting brush to spread the mixture over the meat. By waiting until it just browing the meat seems to absorb some of the mixture plus the baste seals the meat and keeps it moist. I like to let it get sort of a burnt look before turning it over.
Boning out your rib meat is a great way to save space in the freezer plus it allows you to trim off the excessive amounts of fat that is stored along a deer's ribs.


Just tried your baste recipe on baby back pork ribs.Very good! Great recipe. Best ribs I've had in a long time.  :bigsmyl:    :bigsmyl:    :bigsmyl:

Tom.BBB Bbabababab babyb  baby mu baby back ribs...rib


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