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grilled venison w/Italian dressing

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Ray Lyon:
This is one of my families favorites and also popular at camp. More than the what, this recipe is about the how, which is so important when cooking venison.

It all starts when you are butchering your deer or having in butchered. When I peel the back loins (the piece of meat that runs along the top of the backbone) it comes out in about a 2 1/2 foot section. Carefully fillet the "silver" (white colored tendon tissue) from the meat. If you carefully slide your knife between the silver and the meat, you can turn the blade up into the silver and slide it along. The silver should come away with no meat(or very little). Once this is complete, you will have one of the most beautiful chunks of meat you can lay your hands on. I will cut this into section, big enough for the family for a dinner and freeze it whole. Do not slice into steaks.   :readit:  

 If I have a really bountiful year, I'll freeze a whole loin and use it for a summer shoot grillout with my friends(but they better be bringing Basil Hayden to the table  :D  ).

 The rest is pretty darn easy, but again important. When you've thawed out your meat, place it in a zip lock baggie with a liberal amount of italian salad dressing(you can also use a pan or bowl). Go light your charcoal or fire up the grill. While the grill is getting hot, continue make sure the meat is covered with the dressing. When the grill or coals are HOT, roll the meat in the dressing one last time to really coat it well. As you place it on the grill, some of the dressing will drip down and cause some flare up. This is ok, but don't let the meat get blackened  :readit:  

 Say grace and serve by slicing into one inch slices. I leave the cutting board right in the middle of the table. Slice as you go along, that way if there's any left (wishful thinking), it won't dry out if you rewarm on the grill.

 I cannot stress enough the importance of keeping the whole piece of meet together in one piece until it's time to serve, as this will keep it moist. Also, we're not trying to change the flavor of the venison with the dressing, but only coat it with oils and seasoning that are already nicely premixed in italian dressing. The oils are key in getting the meat seared quickly on the grill.

 This recipe can be used for other nice cuts of steak off the hind quarters. Again, I'll cook as a whole piece and then slice as it's served.

Enjoy.   :D    :D    :D

Ray Lyon:
It's close to a 10 year anniversary for these, so I thought I'd resurect them.

Just cooked this for me and my two daughters  a month or so ago with some fresh loins.  Still wows me every time and the girls ate more than their share.

Bryan pinick:
The very first venison I ever had was prepared this way....whole strap,Italian dressing, medium rare,seared nice with a big 'ol helping of wild rice.
Thanks so much for sharing!

Sounds good

I will definitely give this a try....  In the past I always cut it into steaks prior to cooking...




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