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A couple of kills from South Africa


Was fortunate enough to tag along on a trip to Sofala Safaris in SA.  The outfitter runs a good operation and had some nice animals there.   Wish I could have taken more after such a long trip but it didn't work out that way.  However I'm pretty dang happy with the animals I did get.
Taken with a Primal Tech two piece long bow.  58 inches long, 55lbs at 28".  Magnus Stinger 150 grain broadheads on Beman Centershot 340 arrows.  The Impala was at 15 yards and the Wildebeest 17 yards.  The Wildebeest was not my greatest shot but only went 40 yards from where she was shot so it was effective.  However I suggest it leaving your glove at camp. 
Great kick off to my season.  Hope to post here more soon.  God bless and thanks for looking.

Very fine harvests....Congrats...

Beautiful animals, congrats!

Way to go Gary!  Two of my favorite animals! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:




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