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A pig with my recurve

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I didn't get a buck with a bow during our rut down here but I did get this pig. The buck activity was insane and we had a great time. While making a stalk on one of the target bucks I saw some pigs on the fringe country so I quickly went and shot one of them and then came back to try for the buck. After an unsuccessful stalk we went back to recover the pig and got this picture.

Thanks for looking.


Good shootin Dylan.   :thumbsup:

Congratulations!  I'd rather shoot pigs most days anyways!!!

Thanks fellas.

Yes, I love shooting pigs and would prefer to chase them more often than deer, but the action in the fallow rut down here was insane this year and it was hard to walk away from a big buck while he was croaking so I could shoot this little pig.  :biglaugh:


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