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Please pay attention to the rules some things have changed.

In lieu of recent developements in the world wide corona virus scare, we have discussed the possibility of cancelling the 2020 KyTradFest. This is only a discussion at this point, and the plan is a definate decision to be publicly announced march 23 at the latest, which will give all attendeees an advanced notice to yea, or nay. This was discussed a few days back, and my initial reaction was vehemently “NO” Our problem is, a potentially low turn out between this and the simultaneous IBO shoot in Indiana , poses the potential of a big financial loss. We at KTBA. being non profit, run on a shoestring budget, having always been devoted to an affordable shoot, and all proceeds reinvested into a better shoot the next year. Tent and porta john rentals alone run over $1500. A big reduction in attendance could fail to cover these costs. Ad to this there is potential the government may make this decision for us, as well as Mercer Fish and Game Farm for liability reasons. Understand, we have not yet given up, but wanted to share this with all our potential attendees, be it vendors, or participants. If everyone could keep an eye on this thread, and keep it refreshed, our forthcoming decision will be posted March 23. With any luck, the show will go on.

I know this decision was to be made on March 23, but the KTBA officers and board are unanimous that we should cancel KyTradFest 2020. The increasing pandemic situations gave us little choice. Between the high possibility of low attendance, government mandates, liabilities, threats of fines, and last but not least the potential for someone to get infected, we just decided it was not worth the risk. We are already planning KyTradFest 2021, God willing, and this subsides and returns to normal. This was a decision non of us at KTBA wanted to make, and we will miss you all. Our wishes to the whole lot of you, is take care, God bless, and the best of luck. With common sense and prayer, this will pass.


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