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Colorado Traditional Archers Society Annual Pheasant Hunt Success

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Here is a picture of me (Charley on right)and bullcalf (J.D.) on left with a brace of birds from the hunt. I took the three chuckars on the left and J.D. took the two roosters and the chuckar on the right. The hen pheasant was taken by another member.
Here is the link to the full story, hope you enjoy! Glad to have something to post on this forum finally! Been a long dry spell.;f=1;t=135808

Congrats on the wings. The CTAS is a great group of people that is for sure.

That's awesome! I LOVE hunting pheasants with my longbow!

Congrats to both of y'all!


Looks like a great time was had. That has to be a blast. Congratulations.



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