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For me, the Joan Leonard Bunny Hunt is at the top of my list for the years hunting and shooting events. This year I was lucky to have both sons with me during the hunt.

      Not long into the hunt I was able to connect on this big boar of a bunny at about 15 yards on the run. "Shakira", my 47# Griffin got the job done with an ash arrow. This is the 3rd rabbit Id killed with this arrow but its gone back to the earth after a miss later on. Oh well, I got my money worth from it.    This is nate holding the bunny and Noah in the back ground.

David lozzano:

Tony Sanders:
Congrats Izzy. Its always good to hunt take a nice bunny with traditional equipment. It is some fun Bowhunting.


Congrats Izzy.  Still think you were showing off with that incredible shot   ;)    :p    

Glad I could witness it!   :thumbsup:

A golden outing with the loved ones.



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