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A couple critters from this past weekend!

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I went on an all trad javelina/pig hunt near Laredo, TX this past weekend. We saw tons of critters and I was able to shoot a few! This hunt was all spot 'n stalk and it was a blast!

On Friday afternoon I got my first javi! It was about a 12yd shot with about a 12yd recovery.


Then on Saturday afternoon I shot a nice sow hog! This was about a 10yd shot with a 12yd recovery!


Then on Sunday afternoon I got my second javi! This javi had a badly broken back leg so I took a shot that I normally would never take. It was about a 25-30yd shot. I spined it and it took a second arrow to finish it off.


I probably had 12-15 more stalks on javis/pigs in the 3 day hunt that did not materialize for one reason or another. It was a great hunt with a great bunch of guys! I can't wait till we get to go again.


Sounds like y'all had a blast!  Nice going on the population always.     :biglaugh:

Tony Sanders:
Bish, I envy you man, to be able to have the great hunting opportunities that you have. Congrats on a fine hunt.


congrats on the 1st and 2nd javis!  they are on my bucket list for sure.


--- Quote ---Originally posted by Blaino:
congrats on the 1st and 2nd javis!  they are on my bucket list for sure.
--- End quote ---
It is a shame that the javies don't taste any better than they do because they are God's gift to a stalking bowhunter! I do not eat them, and will not shoot them unless I have a person to give or donate them to.

And Tony, I am blessed to live in an area with a lot of pigs which gives me the opportunity to hunt all year long!



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