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Birthday Doe

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aim small...release:
Finaly after 2 years of shooting nearly everyday and many hours on the stand not to mention haveing to pass on the biggest buck id ever seen becsuse he was not in recurve range i connected on this beautiful michigan whitetail my with first recurve 45lb samick sage and a magnus stinger 125 2 blade ended her run at about 45 yds. best of all it was on my sons 2nd birthday. thank you to all of the trad gang brother hood for the lessons and info. I am 29 years old tommorow and i wish i would have done it this way from day fall i will be useing my very first custom long bow by edward boyd of trinity long bows. you csn see some pics i posted under the pow wow labeled edward boyd of trinity long bows. thank u all so much again.  

Congrats on your doe and Hapy Birthday to you and your son!


aim small...release:
thank you very much. she tastes excellent :-)

Great job, happy birthday to the both of you and congrats!

Manitoba Stickflinger:
Way to go…looks like everyone is happy!


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