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The Adventurous Bowmen (TAB) Meeting Thursday April 14

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7:00 PM, Eugene Equipment, 960 Wilson St, Eugene.

A couple of us are bringing our Martin Savannah bows to compare.  I am going to bring my spring carp fishing rig to get the juices flowing, and a homemade arrow spine tester I've built since the last meeting.

And hopefully a little archery practice in the back warehouse!

Oregon Okie:
I'm bringing a 6 year old so I won't be there long  :)

I've got some 80#-85# arrows I want to try in my "Savage SS bow". Hope Rio is bringing his custom crested arrows Russ.

Oregon Okie:
he never goes anywhere without the "ole six fletch" with 10 different colors.
I should post a pic of that one huh?


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