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The Adventurous Bowmen (TAB) Meeting Thursday March 10


7:00 PM, Eugene Equipment, 960 Wilson St, Eugene

Welcome all who shoot with Stick and String. Had a good time last night. Our trusty leader gave a good seminar on how to crest arrows.
Thank you Peg for another fine desert! You made Russ' night, he was really looking forward to it...haha  
Joe, made it back from New Zealand right before the devastating earthquake. It was good to see him and some of his red stags in the pictures though.
Looking at guys new bows is always fun.
Good group of guys. Always look forward to getting together.

Oregon Okie:
Nicely summed up.. you forgot that some of us actually shot for once so that was nice.
Missed our fallen comrade... yeah buddy.

Yup, I did take a long look at his nameplate on the desk, and missed him a little bit.  And I did enjoy the shooting, even though I didn't do much better than hitting the target!  Need...... More...... Practice..............

Went to look at something on Bob's computer and there Dave was with that big ol' smile...that stopped me in my tracks. Miss him lots.


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