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Hi guys! So this is where you've been hanging out. Nutria...hmmmm, water rats, the bain of farmers fields, burrowers of banks, the evil yellow toothed critter...   :biglaugh:  

As the weather warms they are seen grazing right before sunset and into the night.

"A nutria hunting we will go, nutria hunting we will go, high-ho the merry-o, a nutria hunting we will go....."  man, it's been a long winter if I'm singing about hunting nutria! haha

No TAO membership required.  But it is encouraged   :biglaugh: .

(Seriously, it is a good organization,they are looking out for the interests of Traditional archers and bowhunters her in Oregon, and from my perspective the best part is you get to meet a lot of nice, like-minded people.)


Thanks Ron. I plan on signing up, I just wanted to make sure I could post here before I did. Gonna mail off my application next week.

Didn't get to chase the Nutra Rat today. The boss pulled a trump card, went to the coast with her mom and I got the rugrats!   :rolleyes:

Yesterday would have been the day to go, as the weather was really great.  This morning I thought to myself that I might get a chance to get out, then it started raining about 5 minutes later....


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