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My son-in-law and I joined in on the Green Valley Archer's shoot Sunday afternoon. When we got done we were sitting in my truck with the doors open...68 DEGREES! Beautiful day to shoot in the woods. Then when we came back into town on I-5 it was a little different! When we saw the grey/black wall of weather coming at us we knew we had gotten off the course just in time!

Ill be in Brookings in a week or two.Any shoots near Brookings?

So many shoots and so little time. I hope the gas prices don't shut them down. I'd love to make the LaGrande shoot in June but will have to see what the gas prices will be by then.

Hi Mike, don't know of any down that way. You can contact Dan at Wapiti Archery in the Grants Pass area. He may know of one. (541-659-2984)


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