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Oregon Okie:
Just checked out the TAO calendar on the website. Wrote down all the shoots coming up this Summer. Looks like good list. mostly "the usuals" but they are all fun.

They got the link changed to come straight here now.  Nice.

Oregon Okie:
then people can watch you and I talk to each other. It's like our own private forum right now.

Guys, I just found this from reading another thread. Glad that someone found a place for us Oregonians to sit and swap info.

If weather permits, I am doing a Nutra Rat hunt this Saturday. I'll share pics and story if successful. Hope you experienced folk don't mind a lot of questions as I'm pretty much what my handle says. A Wannabe1.    :D

Do I need to be a member of TAO to post here?

Oregon Okie:
I'm wanting to do that too. There are a few guys here who go for the Nutria. I'll see if I can get any secrets.


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