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???? Seems like I've seen this during the Spring...April/May???

That is kind of what I have been thinking, but haven't talked to anyone who has actually been out.  One year TAB planned a June or July outing (I don't remember which, but it fell through).


Just looked at a "carp" site. They say Spring is spawning season for these little targets. haha

Brad Robins:
Good morning folks!  Finally got my login info again.

I've bowfished for close to 20 years.  It has been very fun with lots of shooting and some very big fish skewered.

You won't find much for numbers until the water gets warm, usually in May.  The spawn varies each year of course, dependent on that temperature.

We've had local tournaments, and tournaments on the Snake River.  The west side is usually a 10#-14# average affair, while the Snake produces 20#-20# average.  Some years over there if we hit the spawn right, that number could reach 28#-30#'s! Carp of 40# were taken during those fantastic years.

I like cruising the Willamette.  Any side water will work, however, one of my biggest, 21#, was shot while drifting through a gravel bar on the main channel.

Enjoy this fun off season activity!


Brad, good to see you here. Have you found a certain broadhead works better for this fish than others? I would be afraid of getting a complete pass thru.


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