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black butte


who hunts around black butte or green ridge - near jack creek or canyon creek.   :archer:   5

I have but it is not my go to spot. If you draw the late season tag for that unit, it is a great hunt from what I am told.

It is a nice area, but it holds a small herd of elk and I don't do much deer hunting in the early season anymore. There are better early season units for mule deer like Utah  :goldtooth:

That is the wintering grounds for muleys that come out of the wilderness areas to the west/northwest of there. Not a real good place to concentrate your efforts during the regular season.

I'm just curious if the Jack Creek and Black Butte are the ones in Douglas County?  I figure there's probably more than one. Kinda like Bear Creeks and Boulder Creeks. I've spent some time in the ones here in Douglas County.

Don't think so because he was asking about Green Ridge.


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