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Northern KY Trad archers?


Bob Baur:
Hey guys,

I am wondering how many northern/central Kentucky traditional archers we have here & if there is any interest in gathering for some shoots?

I have 30 acres of land & another 240 available for my use should it be needed. There are a couple largish fields but the real fun is roving the rolling hills.

This winter I intend to build a roving course for my own use but as I thought about it started to see the potential for something much larger.

I think y’all may see where I am going with this & my question is if there is any interest? My property is located almost exactly between Cincinnati & Lexington just a few miles off I75 (about 40min drive from either).

We could even do a rondy here, there is plenty of room for camping along the creek.

Let me know your thoughts.

I'm in Georgetown.  I'd be interested, but it's awfully hard to get away from the wife and kids.

randy grider:
Just now saw this post. You must be close to Veterans WMA. I try to hunt there at least once a year. I like that place, in spite of the heavy hunting pressure.


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