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Looking for a Kentucky Public Land Hunt


I've been looking at some stats coming out of Kentucky and believe it to be one heck of a sleeper state. A couple of my buddies and I would like to make a trad bow only EARLY SEASON (before rut) hunt on public land and I'm looking for some general guidance.

1) What WMAs we might look into.
2) Best times to go
3) Places to stay
4) What quality should we expect.
5) etc

Not looking for a honeyhole, just some current intell. Believe me, I'm more than confident that these crazy cajuns can find and kill deer. Like I said, just looking for recent intell versus the internet scoop dated 3 and 4 years ago.

You can PM me or report here, thanks.

Ky Double Lung:
Take a look at Land Between the Lakes, it is located in western Ky. and Tn. You will need statewide license for each state, if you choose to hunt both, as well as user permit for WMA. 40 miles long and 5 miles wide on average between Lake Barkley and Ky. Lake. I hope this helps.

Medicare Bhtr:
Fred, check posting on Pow Wow regarding trad camp and hunt at LBL in early Sept.


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