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Terry Green:
Have fun guys n gals!

Well let me be the first to say Thank You Terry, and a big thanks to Kentucky.TJ and Randy Grider for getting the ball rolling.

The next KTBA shoot will be May 24 at the Mercer county Fish and Game farm.

Check out for more info and directions, 30 target shoot and a bunch of new ones to boot.

Thanks again guys,

No worries Rob, you are welcome.  Glad to see us here. Speaking of us how can I become a member of KTBA?

Thanks T.J.

Hey KY..Rob and Kentucky TJ,
Eddie Alexander asked me to "Get us" registered (right now I'm on vacation at my son's in Idaho - too bad it's not hunting season)
After being a burden to Terry I finally we got registered in the "State Organization Thread".
Hope to see you both at our next shoot!  :wavey:  

I am definitely going to try my best to make it.  Daughter is in every sport a girl can play which hinders my me time most of the time but I should be able to make it.


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