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Christopher Horsman:
We put the shout out for a concrete contractor at the shoot,still shoutin`

Lookin` to get together a work party out at the camp on the 22nd, Ya`ll come on (John Mc said he`d cook too)

I was given about 300 shafts, feathers, points and nocks  by someone, and promptly forgot their name, shame on me. Now we gotta make them up I got enough feathers, nocks and points for abut 200. Anyone wanna make some arra`s??. I`ll supply all the makin`s I`ve got, then I`ll send shafts to anyone who has some stuff layin around.

The bow raffle (won by the Harris`s and given to a very humbled me) I thought was a great success and Lester Pynne of 4 wind archery made a beutiful 3 piece longbow for me. Thanks to all. We`re always tryin to come up with ways to raise money so any ideas send `em in.

Late Ya`ll
Chris and Sophia Horsman (and dem kidz 2)  :p

Christopher Horsman:
And still more:-

I`m still offerin` a gator hunt for a couple of nights, all equipment provided, to anyone who makes a resonable offer. I`ll take 2 people on the boat and will travel anywhere. All ya gotta do is get a license and we`re off.

Sewer Rat:
I believe that was Richard Cummings that gave you the arras....

22nd, do you know thats a Wednesday???  I am taking that day off, but its to act as a chaperone for a buncha 3 n 4 yr olds on a day trip....

Christopher Horsman:
See someones payn attenshun. I meant the next sun which would be the.............26th (pensively cos I aint lookin` at a calender)

Sewer Rat:
The Cracker has plans fer me dat weekend(its ma birfday weekend), hence me taking care of The Critter n his classmates the wed before....

If you change the weekend, lemme know and I will try to help out


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