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TBOF Spring Shoot


Thanks for all your efforts. I had a good time at the shoot. My biggest regret is that I had to shoot! I would liked to have spent more time visiting with friends, but they were all out shooting, so I had to shoot too. I still got to see people I hadn't seen in a long while. Folks from Michigan, Va, Ky, NC, SC, GA, In, Al, Tn, NM, MT, MO, OH, just to mention a few. TBOF is responsible for me having friends in all those places and more. They all seem like family!

Thanks to the officers and worker Bees for making it possible, and a special thanks to the wives of all the officers who really deserve a huge amount of the credit. Maybe we could do a Stickbow article on the women who are standing by their man for TBOF!

Anyone who missed Don Thomas's and Andy Duffy's presentations Saturday night, missed out on some very interesting and informative information. I don't have any plans at present of going to Africe, but I thoroughly enjoyed Don's insight. And no matter how much we think we know about shooting a bow, it always helps to have someone like Andy to remind us of what makes it work. Andy's talk may be instrumental in getting me back on track. Don't think I can beat a 200 though   :thumbsup:


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