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gregg dudley:
Please visit our fantastic website to find more out more about TBOF.

dead horse:

gregg dudley:
Thanks for posting it as a link!

ray tareila:
I want to congratulate Gregg Dudley and his new organiztion of officers and directors for putting on a first class Fall Rendezvous last weekend in the usual spot in the Ocala Forest.

The event was well organized and fun with some new and interesting aspects: the clay-pigeon speed shoot and the distance shot at the dragon.

It takes hard work and organization to conduct a successful shoot and those of us who attended had a fine time. Some may think it is too hot to camp in FL in August but the camping is all under large Oak trees and adjacent to a lake. Additionally there are National Forest air-conditioned bunk houses and cabins on-site to rent reasonably if you are not into camping.

Thanks again Gregg and team for a great job. I also noticed how Gregg's son worked the entire weekend with a maturity beyond his years. Ray

gregg dudley:
Thanks Ray.  I especially appreciate the comments about Reed.  He loves TBOF and loves feeling like he makes a contribution to the club.  He did work hard and I appreciate your kind words.



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