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TBOF State Championship-Big Success!

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gregg dudley:
We had a great turn out at the TBOF State Championship.  Thanks to all who came out.

I know that I am among the many who enjoyed Don Thomas's talk on Africa last night.  It was also great to see so many quality vendors on hand.  

It was also great to see so many guys and ladies stepping forward to help out.  I commented to club president, David Tetzlaff, today that I had never seen so many folks help with clean up at a shoot.  Thanks to all of you who stepped up to get things closed down today.

I had a good time also Greg although I did not shoot on today.

I do have a couple questions about the head staff though and getting info.

I'll save those question for later though   :)

gregg dudley:
Glenn, you can send me a PM or email if you want.  The only day I was able to be out there was today.  Sorry I missed you.

Greg who won the coon shoot?

I scored a 60 and was the first group through. I give an A+ to who ever came up with the idea of using the touch lights at the target.

Talk to several others who scored a 60 on that shot so either there were a bunch of ties or others scored higher.

gregg dudley:
I know the coon shoot was won with a score of 80 (WOW!), but I do not remember who shot it.

I will post scores once they are up on


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