Custom Made Flemish Twist Strings by CJC

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I am happy to offer custom made flemish twist strings made from BCY string and serving material.

string material choices: B-500, D-97, 8125, 450 plus.

available colors:
B-500  ( black, white, dark brown, yellow, sunset orange, red, silver, royal blue, green, tan.)
D-97  (black, white, yellow, dark brown, flo. orange, red, silver, green, od green, tan, royal blue, metallic bronze.)
8125  (black, white, red, tan, yellow, green, od green, metallic bronze.)
450+  (dark brown, yellow, green, black, red)

All strings are served with Halo or 62xs, which are in my opinion the finest serving materials availible.  black only for now.

I specialize in making skinny tapered padded loop strings. These strings offer the highest performance available, and are very quiet. They will either be served with larger diameter serving or double served with the servings mentioned above.  Please keep the strand counts within the realm of safety and reason.  

I will be happy to accommodate any special requests and look forward to working with all of you.
thank you in advance- Christopher Carolla

PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING.  check or money orders only.
B-500    $12
D-97     $16
8125      $16
450+     $17

note: ALL STRINGS ARE 2 BUNDLE.   Properly constructed 2 bundle strings are just as round and strong as 3 bundle. the only advantage of the 3 bundle is aesthetics.  if you would like additional colors in your string i can add accent colors to one or both of the bundles.   (no extra cost)

All strings are pre-stretched on my stretching jig.  This allows for more accurate lengths, and shorter break in time.
Information I need: ACTUAL STRING LENGTH, bow poundage, recurve or longbow, string material choice, color choice, serving preference (if you have one),  address and phone number.

I can be contacted via P.M. or email
christopher carolla 157
Leverett, MA. 01054

fast turnaround!!!





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