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I do a lot of what you stated.  This particular trail has a few drop ever yard or so.   I have probably put her on 10 or so trails.  My problem is having places to take her on longer ones.  I guess its just my laziness.  

I have own and have read bits and pieces of the book "tracking dogs for finding wounded deer" and have attempted to apply what both of you say.  I appreciate your words and incite.  This rope is used only for tracking, Her harness(which I didn't put on her this time), she only wears on a trail.  The best benefit of what i've found with the harness is it taking the pull off of her throat and putting it more on her shoulders.  

I will try to get her on another trail today.  I may even put her on one later tonight.  She has yet to go on a trail at night, which would be a very likely scenario for any deer shot in the evening.

Hey Daniel, great!! It does look like you are coming along very well. She looks like an awesome dog. Sorry , was referring to her as a him.
Also hope I didn't step on your toes. Cheers mate

No problems at all.

I appreciate your incite! I'll try to get another video up soon.

Bill Turner:
I really enjoyed your video. Brought back some great memories. Lost my "Buck" 3 years ago. The 14.5 years she was with me were some of the best years of my life. Thanks for sharing.   :thumbsup:


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