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I hope everyone is well and shooting great, with turkey season coming upon us.  I know that many of us "ole timers" are aware of these things, but thought I might share this for those not so aware.  the human body is cable of a great many things far more than most people think can perform.  However, if you do not adhere to the rule of 3's it will shutdown and perish, if you always ensure the rules of 3, and keep positive mental attitude (never quit), you should be fine.

3 minute- The average human can not live without 3 minutes of oxygen to brain.  This is usually not an issue since "lizard brain" wired, but one must keep this in mind in smokey or high altitude areas.

3 hours- This is the amount of time you have to maintain your CORE body temperature.  This is what kill's the vast majority of people in the world.  You can research Hypo and Hyper thermia, but it is amazing that once we get a few degree's on one side or the other of 98.6, our body starts to shutdown.  Even a nice 55 degree day with wind or moisture, one can suffer.

3 Days-  This is one that "everyone" hears about, 3 days without water.  The human body is made up of like 80% water, so no brainer that it has to have it to survive and flush waste.  It is well published that the vast majority of people are chronically dehydrated.  Keep in mind that anything you put into your body that is not WATER, will dehydrate the body (yes even coffee/soda).  Here is a trick I use that helps me (convinced my buddy strong Coca-cola addict), when I wake up first thing is 8 oz. of water, then lunch another 8 oz., finally before bed, yes another 8 oz.  One other trick that a creditable survival instructor taught me, was to lightly pinch the skin between your thumb and index finger, pull up gently.  Now release, if well hydrated will snap back, if not need to drink water.  Your urine (do not dring it) is the best way to tell how hydrated the body is.  One other warning, when you feel like you need to drink something, you are behind the curve, double it.

3 weeks- without food.  The human body can on average go without food for this time.  This comes of course with understanding your body.  No you will not feel as spry on day 18 as you do on day 1.  As the body is adjusting to switch to burn the reserves you have and will actually keep digesting itself until adequate energy is maintained.  But we put so much emphasis on food not remembering the rule above, that have to have water first.  Food is energy and comforting, but no mandatory in short term.

3 months- it is hard to believe but humans are social creatures.  At about the 3 month mark we long to have social interaction with another human being.  We actually crave to have a conversation with another human. 

I am no "expert" these are things learned/lived and well documented in real world situations and science.  If we plan around the first 3 (oxygen/body temp./water) than we should be able to sustain ourselves enough time to get out of a situation.  The one thing that is briefly mentioned is our positive mindset.  Once we ensure the body has the basics, keeping a strong will to live, and not stopping is what will keep us moving and advancing.  If when we go to the field, if we use our brain first, we eliminate a great many other factors.  Leave a "hunt plan" with someone, ensure we have either the ability and gear for the first 3, we should be ok.

Good info.
Another rule of 3 is, when climbing, always have 2 feet and 1hand or 2 hands and one foot holding on at all times.
This will insure not slipping and falling.

Good point, I accidentally did leave out:

3 feet- any fall from higher than this level can cause a mechanical injury to the human body, hence the 3 point contact when ascending and descending.



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